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The Blanket Shirt Feels Like It Sounds

By Jamie Brisick

Comfort is key. Coziness is king. We’re reminded of this every time we wake up on a cold morning thinking how glorious it feels under the covers — and how nice it’d be to stay there just a little bit longer. Well, the Blanket Shirt sort of splits that difference. It’s about as close as you can get to walking around with your favorite blanket draped over your body. And it looks good. Really good.

Made from 100% organic cotton and buttons carved from corozo nuts, it is available in more than 30 plaids and stripes across men’s and women’s. As the writer Ben Boskovich put it in his Esquire review, “Outerknown didn't try too hard, and the result is even more comforting than the coziest fabric. So often with these sorts of garments, function isn't quite enough for those putting them together; they can get a little too loud. That's not the case here. These look normal, but feel amazing. What will follow from friends and coworkers is low-key envy. Envy of your low-key coziness.”

The Blanket Shirt is heavy — in the best possible way. It keeps you warm, but also has a way of sort of wrapping itself around you. “The Blanket Shirt feels like it sounds,” says Outerknown Co-Founder and Creative Director John Moore. “It’s meant to be the softest, most versatile and functional item you could travel with. The idea was to create a layer that you can throw on and it will look good regardless if you sleep in it all the way to your destination on a long-haul flight, or pull it out of the bottom of your bag when you get to your destination.”

Comfort. Versatility. Style in an earthy, homespun sort of way. The Blanket Shirt is an invaluable wardrobe staple for the modern nomad.


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