Q&A With Raychel Roberts, The Eco-Conscious Huntress

Q&A With Raychel Roberts, The Eco-Conscious Huntress

Posted Apr 02, 2019

Malibu resident Raychel “Ray” Roberts is a third-generation model (her grandmother modeled for legendary fashion photographer Irving Penn), a wife, a new mother, a surfer, and the founder of Chasseresse (which means “huntress” in French). A passionate vintage clothing collector, she decided to put her excellent hunting skills to good use. “I share my finds with people who appreciate the extraordinary, stylish, and sustainable aspects of vintage clothing but might not have the time, patience or resources to find the diamond in the rough themselves,” she said. Raychel appeared in Outerknown’s recent shoot for the new Women’s line. She is vibrant in print, and vibrant in person.

Canyon dress, S.E.A., S.E.A. Jeans

How was the Outerknown shoot?

That kind of shoot reminds me how much I do love modeling sometimes. To work with a crew like that who have all done their homework and picked the right people—you get on set and it’s all just easygoing and they let it flow and all the creative juices are flowing. It was like that. It was a dream-job day with them, for sure. I’ve been modeling since I was so young, and to work for a brand that is so mindful and conscious—it feels so good to be a part of.

You did a shoot with Outerknown a while ago, yes?

Yes. Basically they had me in the boys’ clothes. It was all shirts and hoodies and that kind of thing. I ended up using my own jewelry, and I think I had some cool vintage pants. I styled it and we shot it right near my house on the beach. It was really fun. Again, everything was in the flow.

Mesa Pull Over, Currents Dress

How did you like the new Women’s collection?

Amazing. I’m such a clothes snob because I’ve grown up with clothes and worked with some of the best designers in the world. I know clothes very, very well and I was really impressed with the quality and the fit and how the Outerknown stuff feels. I particularly love the basics—the pocket tees, and their pants are really cute, and they have some dresses that just nailed it. You just want to throw them on!

Tell me about

I call it “pre-loved clothes.” We’re a vintage company. I run it with my little sister, it’s just us, we do everything. We shoot everything and then get it up on our website and push it through social media. It’s a social media-driven vintage online store.

And there’s an inherent environmentalist bent to it, right? Recycling, rather than producing more stuff.

Yes. I feel like the reason why Outerknown and I partnered up and they chose me—and I’m so grateful!—is because we believe in being mindful of our planet. I know that’s important to them, and that’s important to me. I’ve gotten to a place in my life where I don’t even shop retail; you can’t even find me at like a Zara or The Gap. It makes me sick. I mean everyone’s different, and everyone gives back in the way that suits them, but definitely fashion is something that I feel passionate about.

S.E.A. Jeans, S.E.A. Tee

Posted Apr 02, 2019