Female Powered, Naturally Inspired

Female Powered, Naturally Inspired

Posted Mar 25, 2021

Outerknown wouldn’t be here without the incredibly talented women on our team. There’s no question about it. And before Women’s History Month comes to a close, we wanted to celebrate the women in our larger community too! Beyond the clothes we make, we offer radically sustainable goods for your daily journeys made by brands that care about the planet as much as we do. Meet the founders and visionaries who are driving some of the coolest items in our FUTURESHOP. Tread lightly today for a better tomorrow.


Kassia is not only a professional surfer (touted by The New York Times as the “queen of noseriding”) and purveyor of positivity 24/7, she’s turned her passion for the ocean into a radical lineup of vibrant wetsuits and salty accessories. We carry her surf wax, which smells as good as it looks, and we like to think the palo santo helps us surf better too ;)

“We aim to support and empower the growing number of women entering the water with fashion-forward creations you can count on, produced with the highest vibe and lowest impact materials possible. We hope our products inspire and support our community to follow their dreams, empower them to stand up for what they believe in and to be a voice for our planet and positive change.” – Kassia



Christi’s an advocate for experimentation, exploration, and evolution. From her workshops to her beautifully embroidered goods, she puts her heart, soul, and good vibes into everything she makes. We’re sharing one of her fierce embroidery starter kits all about setting intentions and wearing your heart on your sleeve. Plus, it's a fun way to make old threads feel new!

“Women's history month, for me, is about reconstructing the stories that have faded, worn out, and disintegrated throughout time. In this way, I see women's history reflected in cloth — integral to human existence, but often taken for granted… now is the perfect time to honor their legacies, and stitch their stories back into a rightful place in the fabric of humanity.” – Christi



Behind the perennially stylish bags is an equally stylish founder. Yi-Mei moved on from her role as a marketing director at Vogue to go all-in on Bembien. Her goal was to share the work of an artisan weaving community in Bali with the wider world and she now offers a purely classic assortment, including these soft rattan totes and waterproof beach bags woven with plastic recycled off the beaches of Bali.

“I draw my inspiration from the women around me in my daily life! My mother, for her work ethic and kind nature. My closest friends, for their entrepreneurial “sky’s the limit” approach to life. Team Bembien, for their spirit. And strangers on the street of my Brooklyn neighborhood, for their style and confidence.” – Yi-Mei



Nobody does community quite like Seea, and beyond their stylish and confident swimwear, that’s exactly why we wanted to be friends. Founded by Amanda Chinchelli, who married her instincts in design with her passion for wave-riding, Seea is all about connecting women and water. Her brand has grown in an authentic, sunny way, and we’re psyched to come along for the ride by offering a selection of her most sustainable styles.

“For us at Seea every month is women’s history month. It means remembering, celebrating and fighting for equality in big and small ways… I like to view the Seea community as a vibrant, supportive network that empowers women and girls to play in the ocean freely and with confidence. We are here to cheer for each other and to inspire each other to be our best selves.” – Amanda



Liz is a mother, maker, and natural dyer. Whether she’s making a dye bath from homegrown madder or avocado dyeing clothes for her kids, she’s constantly creating and capturing content along the way to educate her community. In addition to her workshops, she’s created a wonderful marigold flower dye kit, a fresh addition to our assortment.

“This has by far been the most challenging part of parenthood for me — being okay with growing my business VERY slowly to allow for full-time motherhood. Balance for me has been more of an ebb and flow of focusing on only mothering during the postpartum period, then slowly easing back into work as my babes move out of infancy into needing me less round the clock and can be with a babysitter or preschool.” – Liz


Posted Mar 25, 2021