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By Outerknown Journey


Embrace your inner nerdery! Our recent collaboration is a special ode to a group of brilliant data scientists dubbed “The Nerdery,” who played a vital role in battling the spread of Coronavirus. Like us at Outerknown, they put people and planet first. And what better way to pay homage to their great work than with a custom Nerdery graphic atop Outerknown’s best-selling Sojourn Pocket Tee.

We have been lucky since the start of the pandemic to consult with a brilliant doctor in the Midwest. Along the way, as a thank you for helping us, we turned him on to a box of Outerknown gear and he now wears nothing else.

Our doctor friend told us about a group of data scientists in Boston that have helped him plot the spread of the virus, a group he dubbed the Nerdery. We thought it would be great to recognize the Nerdery with a special custom tee shirt on our Sojourn blank, made in a tiny batch as a surprise for them. 

They loved it, but then something unexpected happened. We printed a few extras for other friends of Outerknown. They started wearing them around and got lots of questions and comments. People were curious. And what came out of it was that there are tons of people who might not look bookish but embrace and are proud of their inner nerd.

The best story was when one friend wore his Nerdery shirt to a high-performance gym popular with NFL players. The star trainer asked about the shirt and said, “I’m a nerd. I want one. And that guy” – pointing to a 320 lb lineman – “he had a 3.8 GPA at Clemson business school hates people assuming he’s not smart.” The trainer went to speak with the huge lineman and came back saying, “he loves it. Can you make one in triple XL?”

We learned that people are much prouder of their nerdiness than we knew, and we feel the same way. So if you are a nerd who wants to wear it in a fun way, you are not alone, and the Nerdery Tee is for you!

You can now support the Nerdery and get your very own Nerdery Tee today!


Photo Credit: Mike Barwis is one of the top trainers and physical rehab specialists in the world. He works to get people with quadriplegia out of wheelchairs who were told they would never walk again.


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