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Treat Your Feet, Protect the Planet

By Annie McBride

Living a sustainable lifestyle extends beyond the clothes we make, so we’re broadening the range of goods we supply by launching FUTURESHOP, your one-stop shop for sustainable innovation. We did the homework for you and picked the best brands with the most essential, sustainable products — and what’s more essential than socks?!

We love the ones Arvin Goods makes; they’re equal parts cozy, comfortable, and cool. And they’re made with recycled fibers, no harmful chemicals or dyes, and innovative water-saving manufacturing methods. The brand’s mission is to make the most sustainable basics on the planet… y’know, the items that are first on and last off. And socks are just the start. The average pair of cotton socks requires anywhere from 50 to 150 gallons of water to produce. Arvin socks require nearly zero.

Arvin Goods saves over 50 gallons of water per pair by using clean manufacturing and recycled fibers.

Not only does clothing manufacturing create a ton of textile waste, but around 85% of post-consumer textiles eventually end up in a landfill! Seeing endless possibility here, Arvin’s three founders decided to turn these scraps into great socks with a small footprint. By using recycled, rather than virgin, fibers, they’re saving loads of water, reducing CO2 emissions, and keeping valuable materials going. So now you can treat your feet while protecting the planet.

“Socks are terrible for the environment. So we decided to make the world’s first really good socks. Socks that look and feel good to wear, for sure. But socks that also make it easy for more humans to do good on a daily basis.”
– Harry Fricker, Arvin Co-Founder and Creative Director

We’ve all got places to go, and we need socks that’ll stand up to the journey. Arvin socks are so well-made they’ll last you for years. Some of their styles are made in Japan in a family-run factory with 104 years of sock making history, meaning they have quality socks dialed. And when they’re at the end of the road, you can drop them off at a material recycling center, and the journey continues.

“Sometimes you’ve got to wear shoes, and socks come in handy! And we happen to think these Arvin Goods socks are the best you can get — for you and the planet!”
– John Moore, Outerknown Co-Founder and Creative Director

Their signature embroidered pennant means you’re wearing the cleanest socks you can buy. “Arvin” quite literally means “friend of the people” in old English slang. If you want to live more sustainably, start somewhere, and start small. The planet and your feet will thank you!


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