Tread Lightly Today<Br/> For A Better Tomorrow

Tread Lightly Today
For A Better Tomorrow

Posted Apr 29, 2020

As a coastal brand, sandals have been a long time coming for us, and we’re proud to partner with a leader in social impact to finally make it happen, and do it the right way. Enjoying the coast should never come at a cost to our ocean, so we reimagined our favorite footwear using innovative materials, like regenerated nylon and algae foam, to help keep our waterways clean.

Our Lagoon sandals are a solid nod to the golden age of surf in planet-friendly materials for the future. So comfy they’ll slide right into your couch-surfing routine today, and so durable they’ll stand up to all your aquatic pursuits tomorrow.

A leader in social impact meets a leader in sustainable fashion.

Our quick-drying straps are made from ECONYL® regenerated nylon — think, abandoned fishing nets and carpeting waste — and the cushy midsole is a renewable, plant-based BLOOM™ algae foam that helps remove unwanted algae from aquatic environments.

“Piloting new materials that result in a positive impact is what we strive for. Outerknown is determined to find both circular and innovative materials that not only look good and feel good, but also contribute to a world where people and planet prosper.”
– Megan, Outerknown Director of Sourcing & Sustainability

Sustainability every step of the way:

Straps: 100% ECONYL® regenerated nylon straps help keep nylon waste, like abandoned fishing nets, out of the ocean and away from landfills. By using a regenerated fiber, compared to virgin nylon, we can reduce the environmental footprint of these sandals.

Midsole: BLOOM™ algae foam helps remove unwanted algae from our waterways, restoring the environment from which it’s harvested. Rising ocean temperatures and excess nutrient runoff have led to massive algal blooms around the world. Using algae-based materials can help reverse the impact of water pollution while replacing petroleum-based alternatives. Plus, algae sequesters carbon and BLOOM™ seals it up into a useful product.

Sole: Multicolor flecked rubber outsoles offer reinforcement for a long road ahead. In the U.S., the average person buys 5 pairs of shoes a year, so we want ours to be as sustainable and long-lasting as possible.

“So many of us grew up wearing petroleum-based flip-flops, which are simply poison for the planet. I used to buy mine at the drugstore for a few bucks, and they'd always break way too soon. You used to see broken flip-flops littering the beach where I grew up. Even today, most are still made the same way: cheap and conventional. Next to being barefoot, there's really nothing better than a great pair of flip-flops no matter where you're going. We're thankful to partner up with TOMS, a leader in social responsibility, to design a pair of sandals that aesthetically connects to what we love about the flip-flops of the '70s while solving the problems of the past with better construction and planet-friendly innovation for the future."
– John, Outerknown Creative Director

For every pair of Lagoon sandals sold, 6 scuba tanks of air are cleaned of CO2 and 5 gallons of water are filtered.

We’re all frothing to get outdoors right now, and we’ll for sure be taking these with us the first chance we get! Slide into a pair and get ready for your next adventure. Available in men’s in Navy, Forged Iron, and Caramel Brown.

Posted Apr 29, 2020