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Thinking Outside the Box

By Outerknown Journey


Every decision we make has an impact, including how we ship our goods to you. We go for recycled packaging because recycled paper saves trees and water while reducing energy and greenhouse gas emissions. If you’ve ordered from us before, you’re probably familiar with these envelopes, but you might not know where we get them!

We partner with Aliece and Linda in Green Bay, Wisconsin because they care as much as we do. They run a business that provides brands sustainable, USA-made packaging while putting their free time into volunteering with animals. And when we caught up with them last, they filled us in on the health of their beloved local Fox River, which runs through Green Bay and has had a storied past with the paper pulping industry on its banks. Helping to revitalize this river is one of the reasons they work with paper mills with high sustainability standards. 

“Green Bay and its neighbors, called the “Paper Valley”, have completed one of the largest water cleanup projects in the country. In times past, the manufacturing of paper was not such an eco-friendly process as it is today, and the Fox River was very polluted from those days. Not just from paper, but lots of industrial pollution. Today, it is back to being full of birds, fish, and other wildlife like river otters and muskrats. The many paper companies along this stretch put cleaner water back in than they take out nowadays.” – Aliece Dorsch, Ecology Packaging Co-Founder

It’s a reminder that everything’s connected and our buying decisions impact more than we know. When you order from us, please keep the packaging going by reusing or recycling!


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