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The Woolaroo

By Outerknown Journey

You can hold a surfboard in your hands and feel its intention. Some are light and flimsy and very much “of the moment.” Others are timeless, ooze integrity — they evoke a steadfast glide across a sparkling blue wall. Outerknown’s Woolaroo Trunks fall into this latter category.

“They feel gutsy and tough, and then they break in with each surf in the water,” says Outerknown co-founder and lifelong surfer John Moore. “I probably wore mine about 30 times and consider all the wear and tear and wax accumulation a beautiful badge of honor. They look better the more they get beat up.”

The Woolaroo is the world’s first trunk crafted from 100% Australian Merino wool — a 100% natural, renewable, and biodegradable fiber grown on the simple blend of sunshine, water, grass, and air. Soft on skin but tough enough to handle the elements, wool is not only the world’s oldest fiber but also the most technically advanced. In keeping with the nomadic, eco-conscious surfer that Outerknown was created for, this innovative product truly is from nature, for nature.

The Woolaroo trunk is a throwback to the golden age of surfing when trunks were considered equipment and made from a heavy twill fabric (think George Freeth, circa 1908). Naturally breathable and resistant to odor, the Woolaroo is quick-drying for post-surf comfort. The fiber’s natural softness and drape offers freedom to move — in and out of the water.

Using the latest Optim™ spinning techniques, Merino wool fibers are pre-stretched and spun into yarn before being woven to create the fabric used in the Woolaroo.

“Our Woolaroos aren’t going to be for the high-performance surfer,” says Moore. “They’re going to appeal to a man with a keen sense of nostalgia who prioritizes style and soul on the same plane as function and quality. That’s me. I love these things.”


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