Stay Dry | Lower your impact

By Zak Bush | October 1
Guess what? most waterproofing isn't biodegradeable. Trace chemicals are being found on mountains and trails around the world.

We love the outdoors. We don't want to be stopped by the elements. When it rains or when it snows we stay outside. We surf, we run, we hike no matter what mother nature throws at us. When we travel, we try our hardest to leave no trace. Whenever we can, we clean up after ourselves and we leave environments better then we found them . We hold our garments to the same set of standards that we hold for ourselves.

Recently new research has emerged showing that PFOA’s (perfluorooctanoic acid), the active chemistry used for most waterproofing doesn’t break down when shed from garments. When we heard that traces of these chemicals are being found on mountains and trails around the world, we knew we had to do something. So, in a continued effort to lower our impact we’ve developed a revolutionary form of waterproofing that’s flurocarbon free. It’s gentler on the environment, and repels water and snow effectively and ecologically without leaving any trace on the environment.

How Does flurocarbon free waterproofing work?


Like traditional waterproofing, our flurocarbon free solution is the first line of defense against rain, sleet and snow. It’s applied to the face fabric creating a microscopic set of ridges. These ridges force water to bead together and roll off, instead of spreading out across the surface of the fabric and soaking through. So the next time weather strikes, know that we have your dryness and the environment covered.


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