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Welcome, Sage!

By Outerknown Journey


We are so excited to announce Sage Erickson as the newest member of the Outerknown family! After launching our women’s line a year ago, we’ve waited patiently to find the perfect person to represent and help grow our community in a vibrant and authentic way. Sage was a natural fit for Outerknown because she’s a world-traveling professional surfer and so much more. She embodies all that we stand for as a brand through her lifestyle and values. With roots in Southern California and Hawaii, she has a deep respect for the ocean, health and wellness, and living in sync with nature. Her passion for life, for people, and this planet are immense, and we’re proud to be a platform for her voice and creativity. Most importantly, we know our community will be a whole lot stronger with her on board.

We have a lot to learn from her, so we’re kicking it off with a few questions…

Welcome! First off, why did you decide to partner with Outerknown? What about what we do resonates with you?

Gosh, so many things. Outerknown, first and foremost, stands on a strong pillar of sustainability. With current issues in our climate, I see creating a sustainable future as a main priority in my life at this point. Which naturally falls into the products we consume and wear. I am not perfect, but I love those dedicated to giving it their best shot! I’ve watched Outerknown grow its men’s and women’s line over the last five years from the sidelines. It’s different, and it’s a breath of fresh air. I also love the name Outerknown. It reminds me that we are constantly evolving and reaching for new ideas.

Sage Erickson Joins Outerknown

What drives you and gets you going in the morning?

I’ve always had an inner love for life, and I’m thankful I find a deep joy in the simple things. I love seeing the sun rise and set each day. I love watching my plants grow, fade, and come back bigger and better. I love surfing, the ocean, and all its moods. Competition and how incredibly uncomfortable it makes me feel most of the time! I love creating and enjoying life with my friends. Really, people are what get me going every day, and my personal journey in self-growth.

As a surfer, what does the ocean provide you?

It’s my sanctuary. Moody, soft, violent, and just way bigger than me in so many ways. It’s humbling and challenging, yet graceful and mighty. Sounds romantic, doesn’t it? I love having it as an outlet and place for fun consistently. The ocean is always there, and I can count on that.

How has women’s surfing progressed? Where is it going?

Women’s surfing is the best it’s ever been. When I first started, we made little to no money, and we barely had five events one year on the world tour. We lacked promotion and barely made it into the major magazines with the boys. Now, we are thriving. Thanks to WSL, we have equal pay on tour, and we now have ten events. We get paid well, and we get the freedom to create our own image. That in itself is so unique. Women’s surfing is so powerful and inspiring now. I appreciate the gals that came before me, charged, and worked so hard to get us to this point.

When you’re not in the ocean, what do you spend your time on?

Gardening in my backyard. Traveling with friends and exploring new cultures around the world. Running my dogs on the beach and in the mountains. I always love trying new things like new styles of art, pairing different outfits, picking and drying wildflowers and adding them all around my house.

Sage Erickson Joins Outerknown

What environmental issues do you care deeply about?

People. I want to learn where materials are sourced from, whose hands they go through, and what the process looks like to create them. I crave human connection, so I lean more toward that area. Of course, the ocean is a priority of mine, so limiting plastic consumption is also a big issue on a global level.

How do you try to step up for the planet?

I try to limit my plastic consumption and recycle. I choose to support brands that design for longevity and use organic practices. I love farmers markets. I used to be a huge bottled water drinker… Hydros and reusable products are now a priority of mine.

Sage Erickson Joins Outerknown

What do you look for in the clothes you wear?

I look for something that feels a part of who I am and how I feel that day. Clothing is a mood to me, an emotion. I love pairing patterns and wild things one day, and the next, I love basics and simple cuts. My favorite part of fashion is there’s really no limitation as long as it resonates with you and makes you feel your best. I look for comfort. I am a flannel girl and love the Women’s Blanket Shirt, in red!

What’s on your horizon? What are you excited for?

Well, with competition on hold, I have time to focus on life outside of surfing. I’m establishing a home life in one place, so there’s a lot to think about! I want to continue living a healthy, active lifestyle and being passionate about what I eat and drink. I’m excited to help… I want to interact with the younger generation of girls and encourage them to chase their dreams through a chaotic time in life. I’m so excited to learn more about sustainability and teach others with a gracious heart! I’m excited to explore California and all its great adventures! I’m excited for the new world tour once that kicks off! I’m just so excited to be a part of Outerknown and to see our relationship blossom into a life choice and love for this planet.

Sage Erickson Joins Outerknown


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