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By Outerknown Journey


Outerknown takes great pride in pioneering innovative sustainability with every collection we create. While raising the standard for sustainable design in our industry and beyond, we take our commitment seriously as a brand to keep learning, exploring, and revolutionizing the way we construct clothing. With every decision we make, we will always choose the most responsible path. For our new Fall/Winter 2021 line, we worked strategically to design durable and easy wearing pieces that not only transcend the seasons but also help to preserve our planet. Dylon Shepelsky, R&D and Innovation Manager at Outerknown, shared some of our latest innovations and exciting new pieces you can look forward to this coming season.

What are some of the new sustainable innovations that customers can look forward to this fall/winter?
We really see the growth of recycled materials in FW21 and the continuation of our circular journey. From products utilizing recycled factory scraps to recycled polyester and nylon, which are both helping to reduce synthetic waste in our oceans. Within our cashmere assortment, you can find our Reimagine, which is 95% recycled cashmere sourced from a combination of pre and post-consumer garments and scraps. Fun fact, some of our colors in these programs take on the original color of the scraps (meaning no dyestuffs were used!) So not only do we see recycled products permeating throughout the line, but also an introduction to our partnership with Fibershed. Additionally, we’ve had the honor of offering Climate Beneficial™ Wool and Alpaca sourced entirely from right here in the U.S.!

What are some of the team’s favorite pieces from the new line?
I’m sure everyone on the team has their favorites, but I really must give it to some exciting new iterations of yarn dye twills (hint: you’ll see some recycled cotton blends here). You’ll also get to see the Blanket Shirt evolve and offered in more exciting colors. It is also awesome to see our recycled cashmere offering expand!

What’s on the horizon for future Outerknown innovations? Any creations you can hint at for collections to come?
You can expect a lot more focus on supporting local farmers and businesses. We are excited to continuously build out our material strategy behind the people who touch our product and help bring it to life. We are also constantly exploring different material solutions that will help to further our circularity commitment. Innovation is key here, and we are committed to bringing this to life and offer truly unique and sustainable products. By advancing our commitment to circular and recycled materials, we are helping to divert landfill waste and further focus on restoring our planet’s soil and giving back to our local economy.



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