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By Jamie Brisick

Surf films are about escape, and in these uncertain times, escape has become not just a theme, but a vital necessity.

In the early ’60s, filmmaker Bruce Brown, along with surfers Mike Hynson and Robert August, set off on an around-the-world odyssey. His ensuing film, The Endless Summer, would go on to become the highest-grossing surf film of all time. But box office numbers was never the point. In fact, just the opposite. The Endless Summer laid the blueprint for what it means to be a surfer. On their search for the perfect wave, Brown trumpeted to the world at large that surfers travel, surfers get down with the locals, surfers maintain a light footprint on this earth, and surfers know how to have fun.

And aren’t those honorable qualities — especially in the present day?

Bruce Brown is a pioneer, an adventurer, and the most celebrated surf filmmaker of all time. His catalogue of films — Slippery When Wet, Surf Crazy, Barefoot Adventure, Surfing Hollow Days, Water Logged, and especially The Endless Summer — are time capsules, spurs to live boldly and freely, and reminders of what matters most on this earth.

We are honored to have access to the Bruce Brown archive — and to hopefully carry on his venerable tradition.

“There’s a famous image from The Endless Summer that has always been a big influence on me,” says Outerknown co-founder and creative director John Moore. “Bruce Brown, Mike Hynson, and Robert August are standing at LAX in front of the United Airlines counter about to fly across the world, and they’re all wearing suits. It was a privilege to fly in an airplane back then, and they were fully aware that they were ambassadors for the sport of surfing, and they dressed accordingly. This sense of style — in and out of the water — has always stuck with me. It’s been a big influence on everything we do at Outerknown. You can still be cool and relaxed, but wear clothing that feels great, fits flawlessly, and was made with the highest regard for the planet.”

Introducing a limited-edition lineup of planet-friendly goods inspired by the freedom of the ride and the embrace of the adventure.


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