Billboard Weekender Duffle

By Jamie Brisick

If you happen to have driven over the San Francisco-Oakland Bay Bridge in 2017, you might have seen a giant billboard showcasing our Blanket Shirt. Well, when it was time for the billboard to come down, we cleaned the vinyl, cut it up by hand, and turned it into super-tough waterproof bags, i.e., The Billboard Weekender Duffle.

This was a collaboration with California-based RAREFORM, who specialize in repurposing billboards. In fact they are currently repurposing 20,000 lbs. a month into one-of-a-kind products.

It’s a beautiful thing when recycling/repurposing comes together so neatly. And we sleep well at night knowing that flagrant advertising vehicles such as billboards can have such useful second acts. And to tie it together all the more, the Blanket Shirt on that billboard was made of 100% organic cotton. Organic cotton farming conserves 90% more water compared to conventional cotton, and uses no pesticides. So the low environmental impact happens, pardon the pun, across the board.