Verano Beach Pants



  • This is our low-key take on sweatpants.
  • You could sleep in these and then wear them to a meeting and no one would think twice. 
  • They’re half the weight of a pair of jeans and made from an organic cotton fabric blended with hemp so it breathes easy.
  • Dressed up, cooled down—it’s the best of summer.

    Size, Fit & Care

    • These fit like sweatpants-you wear them at or below the hip, and they have an elastic waistband and drawstring so you can fluctuate a few lbs and not worry about fit.
    • Order the size you wear in sweatpants and you'll be gravy

    For People and Planet.

    7oz yarn-dyed Hemp + Organic Cotton

    55% Hemp, 45% Organic Cotton

    Loose weave (breathes well)

    7 ounces is light for a pant-most jeans weigh between 11oz-14oz

    Hemp is so easy to grow that it doesn't have an organic certification process, but our cotton is 100% organic.

    Organic cotton saves 90% more water in the growing process than the stuff sprayed with pesticides

    Features our Oceanworks® plastic buttons