We believe clothing has the power to change the world

We’re committed to making that change a reality.

Our Mission:
To Lead the Revolution in Sustainable Apparel

Putting People First

Protecting workers in the supply chain is one of our founding principles. While our work is far from over, we take great pride in upholding our commitment to people through our Fair Labor Program, FLA accreditation, Supporting Fair Trade Certified™ factories, and Fair Compensation and Living Wage Program.

Fair Labor Program:
The singular goal of Outerknown’s Fair Labor Program is to protect and promote healthy and sustainable working conditions.Our Code of Conduct and Supplemental Expectations lay out the standards for our fair labor program, but it’s only the first step.

FLA Accreditation:
Outerknown was the first brand to pursue Fair Labor Association (FLA) accreditation before ever selling a stitch of clothing. FLA’s Principles for Responsible Sourcing is the foundation for our sourcing and production.

Fair-Trade Certified Factories & Fair Compensation:
We are always working to improve the livelihood of the incredible craftspeople who make our clothing by supporting Fair Trade Certified™ factories for products like trunks and women’s denim.  We ensure that workers are paid a premium for their product, which goes directly to projects that workers vote for, such as long-term sick pay, rental assistance, and health services. 

In addition to Fair Trade Certified™, we are improving work wages through our Fair Compensation and Living Wage Program. This program aims to build on our FLA commitment to promote worker wellbeing and productive business for our suppliers. Read our commitment to fair compensation here.

Bluesign® Approved Factories:
Outerknown commits to using only bluesign® approved chemical products and raw materials in all steps of the manufacturing process. We developed an RSL (Restricted Chemical List) prohibiting the use of substances that pose a risk to people and the environment. In addition, our factories and mills are certified by bluesign®, going above and beyond to ensure an even higher level of responsibility across our supply chain.  

Ethical Sourcing

We scour the world to work exclusively with partners and suppliers that share our values and meet our highest standards.

Socially Responsible Sourcing:
We believe that Outerknown has a responsibility to support our supply chain partners by fostering strong relationships, offering long-term contracts, and training our teams on responsible purchasing practices. 

We also consider how our sourcing choices impact our environmental footprint. We prioritize suppliers with vertically integrated or localized supply chains to reduce carbon emissions as well as those who use renewable energy and water and chemical management programs. 

Preferred Materials and Innovation:
We believe in using "preferred organic fibers" that are better for the planet. We know the materials we choose and how they are made can greatly affect the environment, impacting how we manage natural resources, the use of chemicals, the livelihoods of farmers and processors, biodiversity, circularity potential, carbon footprint, and water stewardship.  

We're proud to say that 95% of our fibers are preferred fibers. However, a few fibers in our supply chain need sustainable alternatives or technology to recycle them. Our team continues to work tirelessly to develop a clothing line with 95% preferred fibers while constantly searching for better alternatives for the remaining 5%. We're committed to making responsible choices and finding innovative solutions to protect our planet.

Pioneering projects:  C4,  Denim rework, ROC in Peru

Organic Fibers:
A large portion of our line is made with organic cotton. By using organic cotton, we’re cutting out all the harmful synthetic chemicals used to grow conventional cotton, making for safer working conditions for farmers and a healthier planet

Regenerative Organic Certified®:
We honor the ancient indigenous practice of regenerative organic agriculture by implementing its techniques to help restore and renew the land from which our cotton grows. When our soil is nourished, it has the incredible ability to absorb carbon, reducing harmful emissions.

While there is no legal definition for "regenerative," we've made a conscious choice to source cotton that is Regenerative Organic Certified®. This certification embodies our rigorous environmental standards, ensuring that we maintain the highest levels of responsibility and quality in our products.

Built to Last

Each year, the fashion industry produces more than 100 billion apparel items. Approximately 30% of the clothing made is never sold, resulting in 92 million tons of waste ending up in landfills. On average, this waste is responsible for 10% of worldwide greenhouse gas emissions annually. We must stand up to these global environmental and social injustices.   

Outerknown is dedicated to making clothes that last. We’re always striving to find the most responsible ways to divert textile waste away from landfills, and designing out waste in the clothing we produce. 

Our goal is to make excellent-quality, sustainable products that last a lifetime, keeping our garments out of landfills and in circulation forever. To further this mission, we’ve created a way to breathe new life into older Outerknown garments by offering customers a chance to buy and sell pre-loved pieces through our Outerworn platform. To date, our customers, have kept over 1,800 OK garments in circulation through the Outerworn platform.

Project Vermont:
Project Vermont turns textile waste into wearable, one-of-a-kind up-cycled pieces. When our post-consumer products cannot be repaired, resold, or recycled, we view upcycling as the most responsible alternative, giving our products a second life. While reliable data on the subject is low, it’s estimated that only between 1-15% of clothing is recycled or reused every year.

S.E.A. Jeans Lifetime Guarantee:
We make responsibly soured clothing that fits great, feels even better and lasts forever, and our S.E.A. JEANS are no exception. Unfortunately, crafting quality denim drastically depletes vital environmental resources. So, we set out to revolutionize the process, crafting jeans with an unmatched fit, quality and detail that last forever at the cleanest, most sustainable factories in the world.