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Sustainability Starts With Transparency
DAY 365

Sustainability is a constant journey.

We’re building clothing with the utmost respect for the environment and the people that manufacture our garments. This is no easy task. In many cases, we’re learning how to design, develop, and produce in an entirely new way.

We will make mistakes along this journey, but we know that sustainability starts with transparency so we’ve published our supplier list, a group of partners that we’re proud to be working with. We’re global citizens, and we manufacture globally with makers who share our values and abide by the strict guidelines of the Fair Labor Association (FLA) & Bluesign.

We invite you along this journey with us. Meet our featured factories.


Bergman Rivera were farmers first, which is why we turned to them when looking for someone to make our 100% organic cotton Soujourn Tee’s.

Bergman Rivera manages the entire supply chain for us, from the organic cotton field to our finished tee that’s sewn at Serflex, a small family owned shop on the outskirts of Lima. Bergman Rivera and Serflex S.A.C. are both GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard) approved. This means we know where our organic cotton comes from. In fact Bergman Rivera is one of the first suppliers in Peru to follow this standard because, as farmers they also understand that sustainability starts with transparency.

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Chen Feng has been making apparel since the early 1960’s and employs 15,000 people throughout their 11 factories. They were the first supplier to join the Fair Labor Association, and have recently become fully accredited.

Meaning, they believe in the same things that we do and work hard to assure their employees are treated fairly. Chen Feng makes one of our favorite perennial styles, the Blanket Shirt. They also make some of our jackets, woven shirts, and bottoms.

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We are fortunate to partner with suppliers that are the best in class and Hong Ho fits that bill perfectly. They are experts in producing knits and they make our favorite hemp and organic cotton Outerknown Tee.

The locally based team is really hands on, and helps guide our development and production processes to deliver quality product. The Hong Ho facility is one of the best we have seen, and it’s always great to visit and take a side trip over to Chichen Itza or the local cenote on our way back to Merida. In addition, their social values align with ours. They’ve created programs to assist their workers to buy houses, and provide educational programs where currently 120 workers are enrolled.

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Smart Shirts is one of the biggest woven shirt manufactures in the world, they’ve been operating in the same location in Sri Lanka since 1978. What’s cool about Smart Shirts and Sri Lanka, is most of the factories are in satellite areas centered around the villages where the workers live.

That’s why we are in 4 locations, however Kat 3 and 4 are the main locations we produce in. Smart Shirts makes our woven shirts and bottoms, and the team in Hong Kong is our day-to-day contact to get our product moving. They really are a global company!

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Relationships are everything to us, and SoCal is not only our neighbor as they are based right here in our backyard in Los Angeles but they’re also our long time collaborators.

They produce knits and wovens, and do both exceptionally well. We launched our first two ‘Limited Supply’ collections with them, and we’re excited about the next ‘Limited Supply’ Collection set to hit the market soon.

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South Island Garments is truly the best at what they do, and when looking for a supplier to make our boardshorts they were a natural choice.

We’re thrilled to be able to call South Island Garments a partner. Not only do they follow lean manufacturing principals, aimed at creating less waste when building the best quality product, they also have environmental management policies that support their community. Through the ‘River Conversation Project’ they’re providing education and adopted a local waterway to help keep it clean for future generations. So far, we've visited South Island three times this year.

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World Textile Sourcing; known to us as WTS, has more than 25 years in the textile industry, and they really know how to make Alpaca sweaters. Choosing WTS as a partner to bring our sweater designs to life was a natural fit.

They have technical teams that really understand sweaters, and they help us manage the entire supply chain, from the Alpaca herds in the Andes to our knitting and linking supplier Corceli S.A.C. who is located in the heart of Lima. Outerknown’s values align with WTS through the variety of grassroots community betterment projects they help underwrite. There is perhaps no better example of this than the Tierra de Ninos program (Land of Children). Tierra has worked tirelessly over the past decade to rollback generations of indigenous disenfranchisement from their traditions and customs, while simultaneously better preparing the kids of today for a productive life in the 21st Century. Specifically, in the past two years.

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