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"doing good for the world is something that's always resonated for me... OK has opened my eyes to a level of quality in clothing that I didn’t know existed.”

Raised in Southern California skateboarding, snowboarding, and skimboarding, Chad first got hooked on surfing at age 10 when his uncle first taught him to catch waves in Ventura. It's rare for your staff accountant to have an affinity for the outdoors but, you can find Chad surfing local spots around Los Angeles almost every morning before work. We sat down with Chad, to get some insight into his daily routine -

“On surf days, I’ll wake up at 5:30 and throw on my weekender sweats, sojourn tee, carry on hoodie and head to the beach.”

He'll catch a few dawn patrol waves before switching into his Nomadic Coast Pants and heading into work. The commute isn't quick, but fortunately PCH is one of the nicer stretches of coastline in Southern California. For Chad, like many of us, it keeps us balanced for the rest of the day.

With Halloween right around the corner, we figured we'd also ask him to share his favorite costume ever. No surprise, it involves water.

“I imagined Michael Phelps vacationing somewhere, laying out with all his gold medals around his neck, and coming back with a tan line of his gold medals. Being the pasty fellow that I am, I went and got a spray tan with a medal around my neck, leaving a wicked tan line. It was pretty epic.”

Here are Chad's current go to Outerknown Staples
nomadic coast pant

"These are my go-to daily pants. The fit is not to slim and not to baggy and the water / stain resistant coating definitely comes in handy."