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All Photography By: Todd Glaser

Whether we write them down or not, we all have bucket lists. For some they’re simple; learn a second language or drive cross-country. Other's lists are deeper and more complex. What I've found is that once you really start living, checking off those things that you need to do before "kicking the bucket", the list doesn't get any smaller. Instead, it starts growing. Those life changing experiences that you feel you need end up opening your eyes, to new ideas, new adventures and new challenges.

You've got to think that Kelly who’s won 11 world titles and created a perfect man-made wave (that he can beckoned on command) has a list that's fairly interesting.

One thing however, that to some may seem simple but has been on Kelly's list for a long time is flying.

With a schedule like Kelly’s, it’s been hard to start the process of getting his pilots license because of a sheer lack of time. This past week when planning to do flyovers of his new wave called "Surf Ranch" and the solar panel field that powers it, he figured, no time like the present, and started the process.

So far Kelly has only 4 hours of flying experience under his belt, he’s a long way away from flying on his own. But take a minute and think about the access to adventure with the freedom of your own small plane. Think about what he just added to his bucket list. The possibilities are endless. He could spontaneously chase a hurricane swell up the east coast, or could easily drop into remote areas of Peru to check in on a segment of our supply chain. Kelly's bucket list just got a lot longer.

Kelly-Flying-Journey An excited Kelly & pilot Mark Brown pre-flight. Kelly-Flying-Journey2 The solar panel array that powers Surf Ranch from above. The advancements in solar technology have made these panels a viable source of energy. Kelly-Flying-Journey3 Mark checking the propeller and explains pre-flight protocol. Kelly-Flying-Journey4 Kelly in control, he was like a kid in a candy store. Kelly-Flying-Journey5.1 This was just the first of many aerial adventures for Mr. Slater, look forward to more in the coming months! CTA_051916