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Earth Week

  • February 17 - Earth Week /
    In the deep, cold waters about a hundred miles off the coast of San Diego, a mountain of water rises from the depths. Crowned with a shock of foam like some ferocious sea monster, this Pacific avalanche surges up anywhere from sixty to a hundred feet high, drowning out the horizon and forcing you to surrender to a world of water. The lineup stretches over a mile and is littered with sharks and shipwrecks. Wonder why they call it the Apocalypse Swell?
    By Adam Zax
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  • July 12 - Earth Week /
    The collaboration between Outerknown + ECONYL® represents an evolution in the way we source, design and develop products & textiles. Our mission is to build better, more sustainable products that utilize supply chain developments that are kinder to our planet and the creatures that inhabit it. From this shared vision, the Evolution series was created; four distinct styles, each made with recycled nylon, pointing towards a greener future for an industry.
    By Zak Bush
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